• 50th ICBL: 1-6 September 2009 – Regensburg, Germany

    2009-09-01–2009-09-06 Mediator lipidomics targeting transcriptional regulation Membrane microdomain heterogeneity and signalling Functions of sterol molecular species Metabolism and impact of…

  • 49th ICBL: 26-31 August 2008 – Maastricht, Netherlands

    2008-08-26–2008-08-31 Cell membrane organization and dynamics of biomembranes Lipid droplets as multifunctional organelles Lipids and their dynamics in intracellular transport…

  • 48th ICBL: 4-9 September 2007 – Turku, Finland

    2007-09-04–2007-09-09 Lipid metabolism – sphingolipids Membrane structure and function – lipids and domains Membrane structure and function – proteins in…