Future Conferences

  • 60th ICBL: 17-21 June 2019 – Tokyo, Japan

    The importance of Lipid Quality (LipoQuality) in biological systems Lipid mediator quality in health and disease Phospholipid quality in membrane…

  • 61th ICBL: 18-21 October 2020 – Utrecht, Netherlands

    Lipid Dynamics –  From Molecular Species to Health and Disease Membrane remodeling Lipid metabolism Lipid and membrane trafficking Lipids and…

  • 62nd ICBL: 7-11 September 2021 – Montreal, Canada

    Lipids in Metabolic Health and Disease Lipids desaturation in metabolism Lipid mediators of inflammation FluxoLipidomic Triacylglycerol metabolism Lipids as second…