Future Conferences

  • 61th ICBL: 12th – 15th October 2021 – Utrecht, Netherlands

    Lipid Dynamics –  From Molecular Species to Health and Disease Membrane remodeling Lipid metabolism Lipid and membrane trafficking Lipids and…

  • 62nd ICBL: 4th – 7th of September 2022 – Montreal, Canada

    Lipids in Metabolic Health and Disease Lipids desaturation in metabolism Lipid mediators of inflammation FluxoLipidomic Triacylglycerol metabolism Lipids as second…

  • 63rd ICBL: 2023 – Palma, Spain

    Advances in Lipid Research: from Bench to Bedside Lipids in aging Lipids in immunology (New lipid players beyond arachidonic acid)…