Past Conferences

Tuesday, 2018-09-04

59th ICBL: 4-7 September 2018 - Helsinki, Finland

Lipid Fluxes and Metabolism –From Fundamental Mechanisms to Human Disease

Preliminary Main Topics

  • Lipid-induced modulation of protein function
  • Inter-organelle lipid trafficking
  • Regulation of lipid synthesis, catabolism and storage
  • Novel lipid probes for studying lipid transport and metabolism
  • Lipids in inflammation
  • Lipids as markers for health and disease


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Sunday, 2017-09-10

58th ICBL: 10-14 September 2017 - Zurich, Switzerland

Lipid signaling in Health and Disease

Preliminary Main Topics

  • Sphingolipids
  • Sterols + Bile acids
  • Lipid protein interactions and lipid sorting
  • Enabling Technologies
  • Fatty acids and their derivatives
  • Microorganisms and immunity


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Sunday, 2016-09-04

57th ICBL: 4-8 September 2016 - Chamonix - Mont Blanc, France

Lipidomics: from Structures to Functions (LSF)

Preliminary Main Topics

  • Membrane lipids
  • Lipid imaging
  • Plasma lipoproteins
  • Lipid oxidation
  • Lipolytic enzymes
  • Fatty acids of nutritional value
  • Oxygenated metabolism of PUFA

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Tuesday, 2015-09-22

56th ICBL: 22-26 September 2015 - Puerto Iguazú, Misiones, Argentina

Preliminary Main Topics

  • Lipid synthesis, transport and metabolic regulation
  • Lipid metabolism and lipid signaling in health and disease
  • Biophysics of lipids, lipid/lipid and lipid/protein interactions

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Iguazú falls
Monday, 2014-06-23

55th ICBL: Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

  • Lipid Modulators of Inflammation and Immunity
  • Modified Fatty Acids and Lipids
  • Endocannabinoids: Synthesis and Function
  • Phytolipids - A Vision for the Future?
  • Lipidomics - What's Next?
  • Lipids in Whole Body Systems
  • Membrane Lipid Trafficking

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Tuesday, 2013-09-17

54th ICBL: Bari, Italy

  • Nuclear receptors and the transcriptional regulation of lipid metabolism
  • The gut-liver axis route for lipids: relevance in nutrition and life style
  • Dissecting lipid metabolism in diabetes and atherosclerosis
  • Lipid metabolism, transcription, stemness
  • Signal transduction, gene expression and circadian rhythm in the regulation of lipid metabolism
  • Dynamics of membrane microdomains and pathophysiological implications
  • Lipids and membranes in stress management: stress perception, signaling, repair and adaptation

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Tuesday, 2012-09-04

53rd ICBL: Banff, Canada

  • Dynamics of Triacylglycerol Metabolism
  • Phospholipid Function (Symposium in memory of Eugene Kennedy)
  • Lipid Signaling and Regulation
  • Cholesterol Metabolism (Symposium celebrating Konrad Bloch's 100th Birthday)
  • Lipids and Disease
  • Fatty Acid Metabolism

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Tuesday, 2011-08-30

52nd ICBL: Warsaw, Poland

  • Lipids in molecular medicine
  • Lipids in regulation of gene expression
  • Lipids in signaling and intracellular trafficking
  • Isoprenoid lipids
  • Membrane microdomains, lipid binding proteins and membrane repair
  • Lipid modifications of proteins
  • Lipid – protein interactions

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Tuesday, 2010-09-07

51st ICBL: Bilbao, Spain

  • Physical chemistry of lipids
  • Lipids and biomembranes
  • Bioactive lipids and lipidomics
  • Lipid-protein interactions and lipid trafficking
  • Lipid-binding proteins
  • Lipids in health and disease
  • Plant lipids

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Tuesday, 2009-09-01

50th ICBL: Regensburg, Germany

  • Mediator lipidomics targeting transcriptional regulation
  • Membrane microdomain heterogeneity and signalling
  • Functions of sterol molecular species
  • Metabolism and impact of molecular species from minor fatty acid classes
  • Eicosanoids and biological signalling
  • Regulatory functions of glycerophospholipid and sphingolipid species
  • Lipotoxicity and phospholipidosis
  • Lipid barrier function

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Tuesday, 2008-08-26

49th ICBL: Maastricht, Netherlands

  • Cell membrane organization and dynamics of biomembranes
  • Lipid droplets as multifunctional organelles
  • Lipids and their dynamics in intracellular transport
  • Fatty acids, lipids and the metabolic syndrome
  • Lipids and inflammation
  • Lipid sensing and lipid sensors
  • Lysosomal lipid metabolism

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Tuesday, 2007-09-04

48th ICBL: Turku, Finland

  • Lipid metabolism - sphingolipids
  • Membrane structure and function - lipids and domains
  • Membrane structure and function - proteins in membranes
  • Membrane structure and function - computational studies
  • Intracellular lipid transfer
  • Lipid metabolism - fatty acids

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Tuesday, 2006-09-05

47th ICBL: Pécs, Hungary

  • Metabolism and function of lipids in the brain
  • Sphingolipids
  • Lipids and Stress
  • Membrane microdomains: lipid rafts and caveolae
  • Gene regulation by nucleus-targeted lipid signaling system
  • Lipidomics
  • What are healthy lipids?

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Tuesday, 2005-09-20

46th ICBL: Ajaccio, Corsica, France

  • Lipids and gene expression
  • Reverse cholesterol transport and cellular trafficking
  • Membrane lipid domains
  • Phospholipases
  • Obesity, diabetes and energy metabolism

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Tuesday, 2004-05-25

45th ICBL: Ioannina, Greece

  • Lipid metabolism and functional diversity
  • Biological activity of olive oil components
  • Pro-inflammatory lipid mediators
  • Molecular and genetic basis of lipoprotein metabolism
  • Hot topics

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Sunday, 2003-09-07

44th ICBL: Oxford, UK

  • The transport and distribution of triacylglycerols
  • Lipids and transcription factors
  • New aspects of cholesterol research
  • Lipid oxidation: a key process in pathology or an epiphenonemon?

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Wednesday, 2002-09-11

43rd ICBL: Graz, Austria

  • Lipids of microorganisms
  • Lipid transport and assembly of lipids into membranes
  • Cell biology and molecular biology of lipases and phospholipases
  • Pathobiochemistry of lipids

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Wednesday, 2001-09-05

42nd ICBL: Bergen, Norway

  • Mitochondrial biogenesis and function
  • Lipids as regulators of apoptosis and cell division
  • Obesity and insulin resistance
  • Membranes structures and membrane fusion

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Wednesday, 2000-09-13

41st ICBL: Halle, Germany

  • Structural Biology of Enzymes acting on lipids
  • Sources, targets and mechanisms in lipid signalling
  • Membrane integrity and trafficking

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Tuesday, 1999-09-14

40th ICBL: Dijon, France

  • Gene Expression and Fatty Acid metabolism
  • Conjugated Polyenoic Fatty Acids
  • Free Radicals and Membrane Lipids

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Wednesday, 1998-09-23

39th ICBL: Davos, Switzerland

  • Cellular trafficking of cholesterol and other lipids
  • Biophysical aspects of membrane lipid research
  • Functional aspects of membrane lipid topology

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Tuesday, 1997-09-16

38th ICBL: Assisi, Italy

  • Enzymes Involved in Phospholipid synthesis
  • Skin lipids: from biochemistry to pathology
  • Lipid metabolism in diabetes

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Wednesday, 1996-09-04

37th ICBL: Antwerp, Belgium

  • Enzymes and Transfer proteins Related to Lipoprotein Metabolism
  • Aspects of Protein Lipidation
  • Peroxisomal Lipid Metabolism

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Tuesday, 1995-08-08

36th ICBL: Washington DC, USA

  • Lipid-Protein Interaction
  • Glycosphingolipids and Cell Proliferation
  • New Approaches in the Treatment of Coronary Artery and Glycolipid Disorders

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Tuesday, 1994-09-06

35th ICBL: Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

  • Biochemistry of Polynsaturated Fatty Acids in Marine and Freshwater Organisms
  • Metabolism of Essential Fatty Acids in Man in vivo
  • Free Radicals and Antioxidant Vitamins in Lipid Metabolism

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Monday, 1993-08-23

34th ICBL: Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands

  • Cellular Phospholipases and Phosphoinositide Kinases in Receptor Function and Signal Transduction
  • Lipids and Recognition
  • Intracellular Lipid Transport and Metabolism

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Monday, 1992-09-07

33rd ICBL: Lyon, Villeurbanne, France

  • Eicosanoids and fatty acids hydroperoxides
  • Fatty acid metabolism in plants
  • Lipoprotein oxidation and cell activation

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Wednesday, 1991-09-18

32nd ICBL: Granada, Spain

  • Polyunsaturated fatty acids of the n-3 series: biological and metabolic roles
  • Synthesis and secretion of lipoproteins in the intestine
  • The oxysterol pathway and its biological implications

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Tuesday, 1990-09-04

31st ICBL: Münster, Germany

  • Lipid Flow and Cellular Lipid Carriers
  • Lipid Mediators and Signal Transduction
  • Lipoprotein-Receptor Interactions

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