Van Deenen Lectures at the ICBL

The opening of each ICBL includes already a highlight of the conference, the van Deenen Lecture. This plenary lecture is held at the memory of Laurens L. M. van Deenen (1928-1994), a worldwide highly respected Dutch pioneer of lipid research.

L. L. M. van Deenen studied chemistry at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands, and received his PhD in 1957. During the following years, he organized his own research team and became professor of biochemistry. Combining analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, lipid biochemistry and membrane biology led to groundbreaking scientific findings which set the stage for future generations of lipidologists. L. L. M. van Deenen is author of numerous highly ranked publications, received many awards and was very active as editor for several journals.

Each year, ICBL offers the van Deenen Lecture to a lipid researcher for outstanding and long-term contributions to the field. These lectures are not only a tribute to the awardees, but also stimulation and motivation for all colleagues to devote their scientific efforts to lipid research.

1996: Michael C. Phillips, Philadelphia, PA, USA

"A physico-chemical approach to the study of plasma lipids"

1998: Howard Riezman, Geneva, Switzerland

"Roles for ceramide synthesis in membrane traffic in yeast"

1999: Steven D. Clarke, Austin, TX, USA

"Polyunsaturated fatty acids as fuel partitioners: a transcriptional mechanism"

2000: Robert Huber, Martinsried, Germany

"Structure and function of annexins"

2001: John A. Glomset, Seattle, WA, USA

"Studies of the activity, distribution, and function of a novel phospholipase"

2002: Christian R.H. Raetz, Durham, NC, USA

"Biochemistry of endotoxins : potent lipid activators of innate immunity"

2003: Christopher J. Fielding, San Francisco, CA, USA

"Membrane cholesterol and the regulation of signal transduction"

2004: Sampath Parthasarathy, New Orleans, LA, USA

“The Oxidation Paradox in Atherosclerosis: The narrowing gap between pro- and antioxidants”

2005: Arthur A. Spector, Iowa City, IA, USA

"Fatty acids and derivatives in cell function"

2006: Ben de Kruijff; Utrecht, Netherlands

"Membranes, where lipids and proteins meet"

2007: Joachim Seelig, Basel, Switzerland

“Protein meets lipid, the role of lipid in protein folding“

2008: Dennis Vance, Edmonton, Canada

"Phosphatidylcholine biosynthesis: Unexpected player in metabolic disease"

2009: David Mangelsdorf, Dallas, USA

"Nuclear receptors, FGFs and the regulation of nutrient metabolism"

2010: William Dowhan, Houston, USA

“Lipid-protein interactions as determinants of Membrane Protein Structure”

2011: Peter J. Quinn, London, UK

“Lipidomics: making sense of the data lode”

2012: Rudolf Zechner, Graz, Austria

“Lipolysis: how fat catabolism affects multiple aspects of lipid and energy metabolism”

2013: Bruce M. Spiegelman, Boston, USA

“Transcriptional control of brown and beige fat: toward a new generation of therapeutics”

2014: Susan Pyne, Strathclyde, Scotland, UK

“Sphingosine 1-phosphate and cancer”